Ford F-150 Cleaning Tips for Optimal Performance and Safety


Ford F-150

Within just a few hours of driving your Ford F-150, you can be shocked at just how quickly it can get dirty and dusty. If you allow it to remain dirty, not only are you making it look less appealing; you are also putting your vehicle at the risk of performance and safety issues.


Fortunately, making it look like it came fresh from the showroom is quite easy. All you need to do is to stock up on quality cleaning products and spend a bit of your time putting back the shine on your truck. So to help you make sure that your pride and joy keeps its great performance and remain safe for you and your passengers, here are some tips that you should follow.


Have the Right Vehicle Care and Cleaning Products Handy At All Times


Whether you own a Ford F-150 or any other Ford make, model, and year, you should have access to the following care and cleaning items:


Interior Care and Cleaning

For your truck's interior, a car vacuum cleaner that comes with a brush attachment and a crevice attachment is a great piece of equipment to invest in. You should also have some cotton swabs, a cloth and leather cleaner, and a gentle plastic/vinyl cleaner. Buy some spot and stain removers too, and stock up on paper/microfiber towels.


Exterior Care and Cleaning

For your vehicle's exterior, the most important cleaning products you should have include a detailing spray, a bug/tar remover, a clay bar, a glass cleaner (make sure it is free of ammonia), some wax, a wheel cleaner, and a wash mitt. To make your truck shine even more, get yourself a few pieces of polishing cloths, microfiber/foam wax applicators, bristle brushes, and a scratch remover.


Interior Cleaning Advice


Once you have all of the above-mentioned care and cleaning products, you can now begin cleaning the inside of your F-150. Here are some tips on how to clean its interior.



Get your car vacuum cleaner and start with the carpet, followed by the seats, the dash, and then the package shelf. A brush attachment is great for removing deeply embedded dirt, while a crevice attachment is ideal for cleaning hard-to-access areas, such as those under the seats.


Cleaning the Cloth Seats

Use a dedicate cleaner when cleaning the seats. Using a clean sponge, spread the product around and wait for a few minutes or until it dries. Once the cleaner has dried, you can start vacuuming.


Cleaning and Maintaining the Leather

There are quality leather cleaners that can help effectively get rid of dirt and stains on the leather. Be gentle when rubbing off dirt and stains, as doing it too roughly may result in chips on the dye.

Getting Rid of Carpet Stains

For your truck's upholstery and carpet, use a highly recommended stain remover. Follow the directions. You can also wait for a few minutes to let the product soak. Use a plastic-bristle brush to get rid of stains.

Exterior Cleaning Advice

For cleaning the outside of your F-150, the following are the steps you should do:

Paint Inspection

Examine the entire exterior of your truck. Be on the lookout for bird droppings, squashed bugs and insects, tree sap traces, and tar. You should also look for any sign of paint damage, such as chips, scratches, or swirls. Use a detailing spray for pretreating any of the mentioned contaminants.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is the most recommended way of cleaning your F-150, and make sure that you start from the top. Rinse off the soap and dirt by hosing it down with water. Using clean microfiber towels, dry off the vehicle's exterior. Start with the windows, followed by the paint. You should always clean and dry your truck in the shade, and not under direct sunlight.


If you used a clay bar to clean the vehicle, make sure that you follow it with wax. Using a foam applicator pad or a microfiber cloth, spread a bit of wax onto the paint. Start waxing from the roof to the hood, and finally, the body. The best way to apply wax is through a circular, consistent motion.

Once you have waxed the entire exterior, remove excess by using an all-cotton or microfiber cloth. Again, make sure that you use fresh pieces of cloths for drying and removing excess wax.

Window and Mirror Cleaning

Clean your truck's windows and mirrors using a window and glass cleaner, particularly one that is free of ammonia. Don't spray it directly on the glass; spray the product first onto a piece of clean microfiber or cotton (lint-free) cloth. For dried, hard water spots on your windows, windshield, or mirrors, use a top quality chrome polish to get rid of them.

As long as you follow these tips, you can rest assure that your F-150 is going stay on tip top condition.


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