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Give Your Home a Spring Refresh with These Services near Pittsburgh PA

Spring Cleaning Services Pittsburgh PA

Most of us prefer to stay inside during the winter. During that time, while the windows are shut and the party is kept indoors, a lot of dust and clutter can build up.

Leap into spring with a refreshed home by contacting these excellent cleaning services near Pittsburgh, PA!

Dirt Doctors Cleaning Services | Connect on Facebook

Dirt Doctors Cleaning ServicesA clean space is a healthy space. If you’ve been feeling a little under the weather when it comes to the tidiness of your home or business, the doctor is in—Dirt Doctors Cleaning Services, that is.

High-quality and affordability are two of the tenets of Dirt Doctors. They’re interested in helping Pittsburgh residents live a healthier life in a cleaner environment. You can email or call them today. They promise to respond to all inquiries on that same (business) day!

Groovy Maid | Connect on Facebook

The list of services at Groovy Maid is a long one. They’ll clean houses, apartments, and businesses regularly. In addition to this, they’ll also handle major time-consuming jobs, such as post-construction and move out cleaning.

Booking is easy. After your first cleaning, you’ll automatically be registered for an online account. You can then manage all your cleaning appointments from the web in addition to having access to flat rate and instant pricing on site.

Maid on the Spot, Inc. | Connect on Facebook

Maid on the Spot, Inc.With 12 years of business, hundreds of clients, and an estimated 52,000+ homes cleaned, you could say that the track record for this cleaning service is spotless.

Maid on the Spot, Inc. is a close-knit business with 25 employees. In a deep clean, these career-cleaners will tend to the finer details. They’ll wipe down baseboards, clean window frames and sills, and dig into the nooks and crannies you may not otherwise notice are in need of attention.

Mr. Maid | Connect on Facebook

The Mr. Maid cleaning service likes to consider itself as being a cut above many others in the industry. These cleaners have pride in their work as well as a fair amount of confidence in their thoroughness.

To illustrate their confidence in the signature 37-point checklist of Mr. Maid, this team offers a “Name Your Own Price Guarantee.” With them, your satisfaction is always top priority. Contact them to learn more about what this guarantee entails.

Let’s Make Things Sparkle

A nice, deep clean really has a way of making things new again. Whether you’re looking for a cleaning service for home or for your business, these four local choices are happy to help. Get in touch with them today to learn more.