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Best Gift Ideas to Donate to Treasures for Children Ages 5-13


The Salvation Army is synonymous with holiday cheer. Specifically, it’s synonymous with ensuring that children in need never go without something fun during the holiday season.

If you’re looking to participate in Treasures for Children this year, then you’ll want to check out our quick gift guide, perfect for kids aged five through 13!

Best Gift Ideas to Donate: Age 5

Small Child Playing with ToyFor children around the age of 5—they are still developing their motor skills and cognitive abilities—you’ll want gifts that blend fun and education into one package.

  • Fisher-Price Little People® playsets have just enough colors, shapes, and fun animals to ignite the imagination of a toddler in need.
  • Activity books and coloring books are perfect for helping children develop their motor skills further. You may even help foster a young Picasso!
  • Legos and other blocks encourage creativity in young children, as well as getting them better acquainted with shapes.

Ages 6 to 10

At this age, kids are likely to have a greater interest in active hobbies, such as sports. However, they’re likely paying more attention to television and movies, too.

  • Dolls and action figures are a perfect choice, especially if they include some current favorite characters, including Disney princesses, superheroes, Pokémon, and more.
  • Sporting gear, like footballs, basketballs, or whiffle ball sets, are a good idea for young athletic enthusiasts. It’ll also encourage them to get outside and stay fit!
  • Kids with more of an interest in art are likely to tackle some bigger projects now. Get them a craft kit, such as a jewelry-making box or a clay set.

Ages 10 to 13

Older Kids Playing with Electronic Device

Traditional toys may be less of an interest at this age. Kids will likely be more excited for electronics or even clothing.

  • Music can have a calming and focusing effect on kids. At this age, an MP3 player is an excellent gift, providing hours upon hours of entertainment.
  • A skateboard or bike can be a great help not just in the fun department, but as a means for young teens to get to and from school or a friend’s house.
  • Girls may be starting to take an interest in make-up or jewelry. Either would be a welcome sight beneath the tree.

Are You Ready to Donate?

If you can’t wait to start spreading some holiday cheer, then you’ll want to contact your nearest Salvation Army location. They’ll let you know as soon as Treasures for Children begins!