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We All Scream for These Pittsburgh Area Ice Cream Shops

Best Ice Cream near PittsburghWhen we think ice cream, we’re usually thinking of the classics: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Nowadays, ice cream is so much more than a plain flavor in a grocery store pint. These three Pittsburgh area ice cream shops have proven just how creative your frozen treats can be.

Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream | Follow on Instagram


For years now, Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream has been a staple of the Pittsburgh dessert scene. Although they’ve made a name for themselves due to their creative flavors, such as Dulce De Leche and Coconut-Lime Sorbet, that’s not the only reason they’ve become a staple.

Millie’s ice cream sandwiches are its true trademark. There are the Warm Brioche sandwiches, with a melty scoop stuffed between toasty buns. They blow the old-fashioned ice cream sandwich out of the water!

Throughout the summer, the team at Millie’s features their signature shakes including both staff picks and customer creations, along with (yes, you’re reading this correctly) a new launch of 100% vegan milkshakes! They also pride themselves on utilizing seasonal, locally grown fruits throughout the year. This summer features menu favorites like cherry buckle, rhubarb crumble and classic strawberry. Due to seasonality, flavor offerings are consistently changing, but outstanding quality never does!

NatuRoll Creamery | Connect on Facebook

While the technique was perfected in Thailand, the subtle art of ice cream rolling has slowly made its way into the U.S.—and Pittsburgh’s NatuRoll Creamery is one of the bigger names in the trade.

They first spread their base ice cream on an ice pan, rolling it flat. Then, they mix in three toppings: fruit, syrups and sauces, candies—whatever your heart desires! With combos like Tortoise and S’mores, you’re bound to find something delicious.

Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company | Connect on Facebook

Localized Ice Cream

We’ve all heard about the “farm-to-table” craze, but what about “farm-to-cone?” Fortunately, that’s what the Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company specializes in.

The ingredients used in their treats are always sourced from local farms. For example, their Salty Goat Caramel uses goat milk chèvre from River View Dairy Farm. Likewise, their Honey Nutter contains honey from Bedillion Farm.

If you want to eat local, then you’ll have to eat at the Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company.

Chill Out with These Treats

Whether we’re in the dog days of summer or we’re deep in the throes of a Pittsburgh winter, ice cream is hard to beat. Next time you get a hankering, treat yourself to some of the best creameries that the Steel City has to offer!

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