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Make Arsenal Bowl Your Retro-Cool Hang

Arsenal Bowl

Back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, a bowling alley was the premier hangout spot for young people and adults alike. Every night, pins crashed, the neon glowed, and the jukebox was alive with jangly rock ‘n’ roll tunes.

A lot has changed over the decades, but in Pittsburgh, PA, the halcyon alley days are still going strong. Arsenal Bowl, a local and even national favorite, is your go-to for retro fun and games!

Not Your Average Bowling Alley

Bowling AlleyWith the nightclub vibe at Arsenal Bowl, you might be inclined to say that this isn’t your grandma’s bowling alley… but is that really true? With its retro look and rock ‘r’ roll feel, Arsenal Bowl truly epitomizes the heyday of the sport. Your grandma might feel right at home!

Music, beer, bar munchies—this alley truly has all you need to settle in for a good time. You can even reserve group time or parties if you’d like.

Something Different Every Night

Arsenal Bowl is open seven days a week for barrels of fun whenever the mood strikes. What’s more, each night offers up a different special.

  • Arsenal Bowl EventsMonday: Craft Beer Night with DJ
  • Tuesday: College Night with DJ
  • Wednesday: Rock ‘N Bowl
  • Thursday: ‘80s/’90s Night with DJ
  • Friday: TGIF Bowling
  • Saturday: Top Shelf Saturday Night with DJ
  • Sunday: DJ & Prizes Night

On weekends, specials are split between afternoons and nights. So, if you’d like to bring the kids during the day, there’s plenty of fun for them too.

On the other hand, 9 p.m.–12 a.m. is 21+ time. If you’re looking for some alone time without the little ones, this may be ideal…

Rock Around the Clock at Arsenal Bowl

Electrifying music, cold beers, and falling pins. What more could you want in your next night out?

Arsenal Bowl’s calendar is jam-packed with weekly events and live music. Connect with them on Facebook to see which band or DJ will be playing next!