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Get Your Thrills at Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark

Fun Slides Park Wexford, PA

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind way to spend an afternoon, either with family or with friends? Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark offers a unique and thrilling option. Not only is it the only carpet skatepark in the state, it’s the only one in the world!

If you want all the energy of an extreme outdoor sport in a safe yet fun indoor setting, be sure to pay a visit to Fun Slides soon!

The History of Fun Slides

Where did this one-of-a-kind invention come from, you might ask? An industrious father and son duo invented them as a tool to aid in their carpet installation business. Originally, the slides were made exclusively for furniture.

Dubbed “EZ Move” furniture slides in 1993, the invention was sold to large retailers as well as on QVC. However, when the EZ Moves CEO put together a wearable prototype with velcro suitable for strapping to feet, an entirely new invention was born.

This simple yet endlessly fun new toy proved a huge hit for kids and adults alike. Eventually, after garnering a slew of awards, it heralded the world’s first indoor carpet skatepark.

Ramp Up the Adrenaline at Fun Slides

Skateboarding, roller skating, and ice skating are some of the most fun and relaxing athletic thrills you can have while standing on your own two feet. However, without tons of practice, they can lead to plenty of scrapes, bumps, and bruises too—not to mention a lot of time outside or in the rink!

Enter carpeting skating: Your indoor skating alternative suitable for budding athletes of all ages.

What does it take to carpet skate? Just a pair of flat-bottom gliders you’ll affix to your sneakers. Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark is happy to provide them for you, as well as a full course of ramps.

If you’ve never been carpet skating before, no worries. The Fun Slides team can teach you the ropes in only a matter of minutes!

Xtra Activities for Xtra Adventurous Skaters

The ramps aren’t the only thing you and your crew will be able to hit up. In going above and beyond the demands of the average skatepark, Fun Slides offers a slew of Xtra Activities that can keep visitors occupied for the whole day.

  • Glowing Bounce N Slide Area
  • Super Ninja Challenge Course
  • Blacklight Dodgeball
  • Carpet Hockey
  • Nerf War Arena

Skate Past Boredom Today

There’s no reason to trudge through boredom when you can completely glide past it at Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark. If you’re looking for a unique way to spend a weekend afternoon or even an unforgettable venue for your child’s next birthday party, Fun Slides can help.

Connect with Fun Slides on Facebook today to learn all about the incredible events they have coming up!