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Community Spotlight: Mecka Fitness

Mecka Fitness

Mecka Fitness isn’t just a gym where you can reach your personal goals. It’s a way of life, providing personalized guidance to truly live your best life. From hard-hitting group classes and tailored one-on-one training to programs specializing in elevating health and wellness, their plethora of services ensure that your success never gets put on the back burner.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Mecka Fitness ExercisesMecka offers eight perfectly curated classes with brand-new workouts daily to combat the boredom that comes along with repetition. Whether you like switching up your routine or enjoy sticking with your favorite workout style, you’re in for a new treat every time you visit.

  • BodyLab: A Mecka staple, BodyLab keeps your heart rate up with a combination of floor strength training and treadmill work. From hitting it hard on the machine to honing your muscles with dumbbells, get ready to sweat.
  • Bootcamp: For 60 minutes, you’ll have fun while elevating your strength through metabolic conditioning exercises encouraged by the Mecka pros along the way.
  • Boxing: Boxing and martial arts mix in Box N’ Beats—perfect for letting your inner fighter have a little fun while toning your abs, legs, and confidence.
  • Mecka Fitness YogaCycling: Hitting the bike at Mecka is different. Equipped with the most advanced technology this industry has to offer, you’ll find yourself continually setting new goals because you’ll be continually meeting them.
  • M/Flex: Yoga meets strength and condition in M/Flex, perfect for elevating flexibility and becoming stronger.
  • M/Strong: As a work-at-your-own-pace class, you’ll set goals and track progress with your coach providing tips and guidance as needed.
  • RowFit: Low impact and full body, this workout class lasts 60 minutes while you row your way to success set to high-energy music.
  • Yoga: Align your body, mind, and soul with traditional yoga, a class that welcomes all levels.

Mecka Extras

Mecka Fitness isn’t just about their workout classes. They also offer special programs and services that complement your fitness journey. You can find a nutrition program that will work for you, book a Mecka massage to release tension, or increase your mindfulness with their mentality program.

Mecka also offers personal training if you wish to have professional coaching, private lessons, and customized workout plans. It’s a great way to exceed your goals and become a brand-new you.

Sign Up for Mecka Fitness Today

If you’ve been looking for a new way to work out and feel great about the body you’re living in, head on into Mecka Fitness. They’ll help set you up with the right program for your unique goals, so you can begin the fitness journey strong. See what they have to offer today! Facebook