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Escape the City with Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours

When you’ve spent all week in the concrete jungle working hard, you may be itching to explore the wilderness that lies outside of city limits. At Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours, you can get your heart-pumping with adrenaline-producing whitewater rafting.

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable afternoon racing down the rapids or just want to head outside of Pittsburgh for a relaxing day with the kids, these river tours have you covered.

Fun for Every Member of the Family

There’s no need to be a rafting expert, since Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours has something for every skill level and age. An experienced member of their team will take you out on the Youghiogheny River, which spans 134 miles across three different states.

River tours are held at the part of the Youghiogheny that intersects in the Ohiopyle State Park. The three areas of the river you can take a tour of include:

  • Lower Youghiogheny: This portion of the river is perfect for intermediate rafters or those with some experience on smaller rapids. It winds 7 miles and you’ll enjoy Class III and IV rapids along the way.
  • Middle Youghiogheny: If you’re new to rafting or have little ones with you, stick to this leisurely 9-mile tour. You’ll experience light paddling and opportunity to kick back and enjoy the ride.
  • Upper Youghiogheny: The Upper Yough is calling out to adrenaline junkies and experienced rafters. For 10 miles, you’ll be engaged in steep, tight, and technical whitewater rafting, so this is not for the faint of heart.

Whether you’re taking it slow or tearing up the water, River Tours utilizes the best quality equipment around to ensure your safety at every turn.

You can also learn to kayak at their facility or cruise around their bike trails. Rent a mountain bike for heart-racing thrills or get some pull carts, kid’s bikes, and cruisers for unforgettable family fun.

Book Your Adventure Today!

The river is calling, so satisfy your adrenaline urge with Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours today! Make sure to follow them on Facebook to learn more about their tours and the rafting season.