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Community Spotlight: Sewickley Heights History Center

Community Spotlight: Sewickley Heights History CenterPittsburgh: The Steel City. While today it’s known for its bustling food and art scene, the marks of the industrial era still exist in every corner.

The spirit of Pittsburgh’s early industrialists is best preserved at the Sewickley Heights History Center. So much more than your traditional museum, it offers up acres of sprawling hills, beautiful nature trails, and rich architecture.

The City Across from the City

Community Spotlight: Sewickley Heights History CenterBack in the early days of the Pittsburgh steel industry, before a full revolution took hold, business leaders and tycoons wanted a place to call their own. It was out of this desire that Old Allegheny, the city across the river from Pittsburgh, was born.

The green acres and elegant homes soon became a marker of Pittsburgh’s prosperity. Other city residents began moving across the river to summer homes in Sewickley.

Today, many of these buildings, old automobiles, and natural wonders still stand at the Sewickley Heights History Center. Even better, they’ve been meticulously maintained in the modern age. Take a walk through and see for yourself. It’s almost like stepping back in time!

Learn About Sewickley’s Storied Past

Community Spotlight: Sewickley Heights History CenterThe main Sewickley museum is located on an original Old Allegheny farm. Here, you can peek behind the curtain to see the way early industrialists lived.

The museum includes a large collection of pictures, film, clothing, antique cars and carriages, and more. With numerous educational programs available, families and residents can engage with the past admission-free.

The Year’s Top Events

In addition to the free museum, Sewickley Heights hosts a number of lectures and special events throughout the year.

Community Spotlight: Sewickley Heights History CenterThe annual Riding and Driving Party is a staple of Sewickley Heights’ calendar. If you’re an automotive buff with a passion for antique cars, you’ll truly be in heaven. Plus, there’s food, drinks, and live entertainment to boot!

Help Preserve the City’s Past

Sewickley Heights History Center exists because of the assistance of charitable locals and history fanatics. If you’d like to aid in their mission, you can make a one-time donation online, or even sign up for a yearly membership.

Memberships include invites to all the history center’s events. Want to see how much fun they are? Connect with Sewickley Heights on Facebook to see pictures of past events now!