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Eat Fresher with Shenot’s Farm & Market

Shenot’s Farm & Market

Are you tired of that grocery store produce that just doesn’t seem to keep for more than a few days? The problem may not be that the fruits and veggies are bad, only that they’re arriving at the grocer too late.

Cut out the middleman and eat completely fresh with Shenot’s Farm & Market! With produce, sweets, meats, and so much more, you can feed your family on their eats alone.

Direct from Shenot’s Fields

Shenot’s Farm & MarketAt just about any market you visit, you’ll be able to find popular produce, such as tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and onions. However, Shenot’s Farm & Market is proud to offer a more expansive selection than that.

Their fairytale eggplants, muskmelons, and cherry chocolate tomatoes all add a little extra variety to your usual produce stand fare. The added diversity in the selection also ensures that when you head into the kitchen, you have some refreshing flavors to work with.

Fresh Meats for Fancier Meals

The market at Shenot’s has so much more than mere produce. They also sell a wide range of meats perfect for any occasion. Try farm-fresh bacon for a more savory Saturday morning breakfast or organic chicken for your next family dinner.

Feel free to come to Shenot’s for all your holiday meats, too. Their Thanksgiving turkeys and hams are quite the hit around here!

What’s for Dessert?

Shenot’s Farm & Market DessertThough they’re a farm, one of the things Shenot’s is most famous for is their decadent homemade fudge. As they like to tell people, each batch is made with “fresh butter and lots of love.” It all comes in small batches to impart a noticeable attention to detail and taste!

If you’re a big chocolate lover, visit them on Fantastic Fudge Fridays. If you buy one pound of fudge, you’ll get a half-pound free.

See What’s Growing at Shenot’s Today

The delicious crops at Shenot’s are always changing, so you’re bound to find something new there with each visit. If you’re interested in what’s at the market today, why not connect with them on Facebook? See what they currently have in stock before you visit.