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Do you need to find a Subaru service center you can count on here in Pittsburgh, PA? Well, there are several to choose from, but the service at Baierl Automotive in particular is known for its comprehensive and quick nature. We’ll have your car in and out of the shop in short order.

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Caring for Your Subaru in Pittsburgh

Fluid Check A typical day in the life here in Pittsburgh is filled with shopping, relaxing family fun, and good eats at local restaurants. With so many attractions nearby, this is a given.

Whether you’re heading out to Schenley Park to get a bit of exercise on the trails or you’re heading over to the Strip District to run some errands, we know your schedule will be jam-packed.

Don’t allow car troubles to throw a wrench in your itinerary. As soon as your car needs maintenance, bring it our Subaru service centers near Pittsburgh.

Regular Subaru Maintenance

Service intervals may change from car to car, but if you’re ever unsure of when maintenance is due in your Subaru, then consult the owner’s manual. You also can just speak to our technicians. They’ll let you know what needs to be done.

OEM Subaru Oil FilterSome of the most frequent service trips you’ll have will be for tire rotations or oil changes. These small yet essential maintenance jobs are some of the most important services for extending the longevity of your tires and engine.

Additional routine maintenance jobs will include:

  • Filter replacements
  • Fluid refills
  • Wheel alignments
  • Belt changes

We offer service coupons for many of these jobs. So, if you’re looking to save money during your next visit, then check out our specials page beforehand!

We’ll Make Sure You Have the Advantage

OEM Subaru Valve Stem CapIf you’re looking to stay ahead of any big car troubles, then you’re going to need a knowledgeable team on your side—and that’s just what we have at our Pittsburgh Subaru service center.

In addition to factory training, our technicians have received numerous tools and genuine Subaru parts to help them make any major repairs or replacements.

When you come to them for service, you’ll have the advantage of a skilled team as well as the unique perks of our shop.

Baierl Plus applies to drivers who have purchased their vehicles at our dealership. When you do so, you have access to a number of different benefits and amenities.

We offer free multipoint inspections and complimentary car washes at each visit, for example. We’ll inspect your car from top to bottom and even clean it for you before we return it. By the time you drive it home, it’ll be spick and span again.

Contact Our Pittsburgh Subaru Service Center Today

Has a light come on in your car? Or maybe the odometer is just telling you it’s time for an oil change? In either case, you can rely on our Subaru service center near Pittsburgh. Contact Baierl Automotive online or over the phone to schedule your next appointment.