Subaru Tire Center near Me


The Subaru brand is known for its adventure-ready qualities. Whether you’re heading off-road, out on the town, or just trying to make it through some stormy weather, these cars have your back.
If you want to show your vehicle the care it deserves, then you need to find a Subaru tire center near Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Cranberry Township. Baierl Tires is here to show you why we may just be your new go-to.

We Perform All the Necessary Subaru Tire Maintenance

A good set of tires is invaluable to a smooth and reliable driving experience. When you outfit your Subaru with a new set, you’ll likely be looking for ways to keep them in impeccable shape for years. Well, the solution here is easy: Just stay up to date on the routine maintenance. Here are some of the top jobs for your Subaru.

Tire Rotations

All Subaru cars will require a service appointment every 6,000 miles (about six months or so). This is when you’ll have some of the basic jobs performed, such as oil changes and tire rotations.

A rotation is when your car’s tires are moved to different positions on the vehicle, usually front to back and on different sides. Moving them periodically ensures that the tread wears evenly across each one, seeing as one end of the car will normally wear quicker than the other.
As long as you rotate the tires on your Subaru every 6,000 miles, the tread should last as long as possible.

Wheel Alignments

As you drive over uneven terrain, perhaps over the occasional pothole, the alignment in your Subaru will be thrown out of whack. The handling will then begin to exhibit some specific symptoms:

  • Pulling to one side when you come to a stop
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel
  • A steering wheel that won’t sit straight

It’s important to have the wheel alignment in your Subaru checked once per year. Depending on the terrain in your area, it can change at different intervals—you’ll just have to stay on the lookout for signs.

When You Need a New Set of Tires

Tires don’t last forever, and when you need a new set, we have all the top brands in stock here at our Subaru Tire Center. From Goodyear to Hankook and all your other favorites, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for here.

We get our tires direct from the factory, which means we are able to offer all-inclusive pricing. This covers that additional maintenance you may be stopping in for every 6,000 miles.

You also have access to a 30-Day Price Match. If you can find the same set of tires elsewhere within 30 days for a better price, we’ll refund the difference for you!

Nearest Subaru Tire Center

A healthy set of tires is a necessity for safe driving. Whether your Subaru needs a new set or just some routine maintenance, our Subaru tire center near Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Cranberry Township can help.

Contact the Baierl Tires team online or over the phone when you’re ready to schedule an appointment!