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3 Ways You Can Give Back in Pittsburgh This Holiday Season

Volunteering in Your Town With all the glitz, glamor, and gifts we tend to focus on around the holidays, we may sometimes forget the true meaning of this magical time of year: Lending a helping hand to those in need. However, the Pittsburgh, PA, area is filled with ways you can give back. Here are our top three recommendations!

Volunteer with Jubilee Soup Kitchen

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Jubilee Soup Kitchen opened 36 years ago, and those doors have remained open year-round ever since. So, if you do the math, Jubilee has been feeding the poor for over 13,140 days.

Just let that sink in. How many lives do you think were changed for the better in that time?

They themselves admit, however, that they could not operate without volunteers. During the holidays, they’re asking for monetary donations to purchase food, as well as paper towels, napkins, coffee, sugar, juice, and more. All will go towards everyday operations during the busy holiday season.

Connect with Your Neighbors at Northside Common Ministries

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We’ve all heard of the noble mission to “feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and receive the stranger.” For some, this mission is a mere concern. For those at Northside Common Ministries, however, it is a life’s work.

This non-sectarian and non-profit organization was established in 1982. It is actually the result of 30 different churches in the Pittsburgh area coming together, all of them working towards a common goal: To feed and clothe the homeless.

Get in touch with director Jay Poliziani today, and you, too, can get involved over the holidays.

Donate Food to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

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As the cost of living goes up in our society, the sad reality is that more and more people are struggling to meet basic needs. This is especially true during the holidays, when they’re also trying to create a bit of added magic for their families.

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is here to ease their burdens, and you can most certainly help. You can donate food items or even host your own food drive to drum up enthusiasm.

For more information about how you can help our neighbors in need, contact the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank at events@pittsburghfoodbank.org or via phone at 412-745-FUND (3863).

Give Time to Those That Love You

Once you’re finished helping out with these three Pittsburgh area charities, you still have one very important job left to do: Give thanks to those that have helped foster your compassionate spirit.

You have more energy to give than you think. After you’ve offered a nice heap of it to strangers in need, your family and friends deserve a helping of it, too. Spread the love, and you can be sure they’ll follow your example and pay it forward. That is, at the end of the day, what the holidays are all about.