Sell or Trade

3 Easy Steps to Getting Cash for Your Car

1) Complete the Self-Inspection

The more information you provide, the more accurate your offer will be, so consider having your exact mileage, knowledge of features, service records and other useful documents on hand while answering the questions. Plus, you can get a head start on the shopping process by entering some basic information about the vehicle you’re interested in purchasing.

2) Receive a Cash Offer

This offer can be redeemed for cash or used as the bottom line in your trade negotiation. Simply print your offer once you complete the vehicle information form, and conveniently schedule an appointment to come in and talk to one of our sales consultants. The offer is backed by Kelley Blue Book.

3) Visit One of Our Participating Dealerships

Bring your car to any of the dealerships listed for a final inspection. Once all information is verified, you choose whether to leave with a check or use the offer toward a new car.

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