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2016 Honda CR-V Review

If there was ever an overcrowded field in play, it’ll belong to the small sports utility vehicle. The Honda CR-V for 2016 is but one of multiple players here, battling such stalwart rivals as the Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Escape, and Toyota RAV4, and newer rivals like the Jeep Cherokee and Hyundai Tucson. As each will have its own merits, Honda’s CR-V for 2016 tends to excel in all areas that mean the most to consumers of compact- crossover sports utility vehicles. Detractors rightly will point out that, unlike Subaru’s Forester, the Honda CR-V cannot actually go off-road, and that state-of-the-art safety features only are provided on the priciest trims. However, consumers do not seem to mind those slights, and record sales figures year upon year appear to confirm that.

You Will Like This Vehicle If…

Whether you are starting a family or completing one, the Honda CR-V for 2016 will make an excellent selection. Available AWD is ideal for riding in snow, and you will find little to complain of in the areas of resale figures, reliability, and fuel economy.

You Might Not Like This Vehicle If…

If image is as critical as ability, the Honda CR-V might not shine. Jeep’s Cherokee provides cool features such as a panoramic moonroof and real off-road ability, whereas Hyundai’s Santa Fe is a stylish challenger that offers more tech and luxury. Require a third-row seat? The Nissan Rogue is the answer.

What is New for 2016?

After a massive makeover in 2015, changes to the CR-V compact-crossover for 2016 sports utility vehicle are restricted to a fresh SE trim. The SE, positioned above the LX, features 17” alloy wheels, two-tone finish, privacy glass in the rear, as well as security system.

Impressions on Driving

If, as you imagine “compact SUV” what will come to mind is your basic utility vehicle utilized for hauling screaming kids and gardening tools, the Honda CR-V for 2016 crossover sports utility vehicle is going to come as a revelation. The driver’s experience in a Honda CR-V feels extremely car-like, with precise handling, a smooth ride, and cabin which isolates road and wind noise with shocking efficiency. The CR-V, over smooth surfaces, naturally feels controlled and calm, yet even as the streets get dicey, the brand’s little people-mover will remain unflappable. The CR-V, in corners, will exhibit minimal lean, and its steering’s exemplary feedback permits for confident maneuvering at high speeds. At the core of the Honda CR-V is a 2.4L engine that has 185-hp on tap. With the assistance of an extremely capable CVT automatic, it has the ability to briskly accelerate, even with 4 individuals on board. Also, good fuel economy is along for the ride, as is the available Real Time all-wheel drive.

Direct Injected 2.4L Engine And CVT

Honda’s CR-V SUV for 2016 features a 2.4L direct injection engine that is teamed with a CVT (continuously variable transmission). Together, they’ll assist the CR-V in returning near class leading fuel economy, and robust acceleration. It is amongst the best CVTs tested.

Touring Trim Level

Even though it’ll cost the most, in this instance the Touring trim actually is worth every penny. In conjunction with its lengthy list of in-car and luxury entertainment equipment, its Touring trim includes Honda’s Sensing system which brings collision avoidance, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control, amongst others.


The ones who are familiar with the prior CR-Vs are going to discover no surprises within the 2016 version. There is a large audio display, upgraded textures and trim, a big center console, as well as rear air conditioning vents. Its front seating is properly adjustable and supportive, whereas its seats in the rear provide an abundance of space for adults and will easily fold down to semi flat for hauling those larger things of contemporary family life. The interior for Honda’s CR-V for 2016 strikes us as very functional without having to be boring and very modern without having to be weird, and that is a great combination, day-in and day-out.

The Exterior

Typically, CR-Vs have provided great outward vision through spacious windows, and the Honda CR-V for 2016 isn’t any exception. As compared with other sports utility vehicle in the class, the CR-V offers a less-obstructed world view, making it safer on the streets and more easily maneuverable within tighter spaces.